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André Janßen

Hobby photographer from Schortens, Germany

Hey, I am 22 years old and I live in the little city Schortens in Friesland in the north of Lower Saxony. I am a student at the University of Oldenburg studying biology and chemistry in order to become a high school teacher.

How did I come in contact with photography?

Lets start at the very beginning. Since my early childhood, I have had an interest in technology and PC’s. This enthusiasm led to my second big passion of aviation and virtual aviation.

The first, admittedly not direct contact with photography was during my advanced level of high school on a trip to Stuttgart. A classmate who had been involved with photography for a long time and owned much equipment took many photos on this trip and I looked over his shoulder and there it was, a little spark of interest. However with my final exams approaching, I had little time to think about it. After achieving my high school diploma I asked myself the well-known question “And what now?”.

For me the obvious choice was to became a pilot for one of the big German airlines, unfortunately I did not pass the recruitment test and so the dream was eliminated. After that I visited a careers guidance a few times and did some more tests, but after it all I was as clueless as before. Some time later, I take notice of a university course for a teaching position. I applied to the university of Oldenburg and I was accepted.

As you probably know if you have ever been a  student, is that you have a lot of free time during the holidays for many other things, except university stuff of course. In February 2015, I discovered some videos on Youtube of some popular photographers from Germany. What happened next I didn’t know at all. Lo and behold the well known spark was back but no longer a spark but rather as a flame. I watched nearly every video I could find and in this time I read more online photography workshops than any other number of books in my life.  Everything happened really quickly. I planned to buy my first camera and was soon followed by other equipment. The passion for photography was wholeheartedly there and with it the intention to make better photos every time. Since then I tried to get the best results out of my equipment and I’m glad when I can learn new techniques as well.

During the year I had my first TFP photo shoot and so got my first experience in people photography.

The future will now determine how my story continues…

André Janßen, 2nd September 2015